Are You Arguing Too Much?
Here’s How To Fix It:

Speak Your Truth With Kindness
5-Day Free Email Course

This course is a practical alternative to the anecdotal relationship advice and misinformation that is widely shared on the internet. My language is inclusive so as not to make assumptions about gender, orientation, or relationship status.

Learn John Gottman’s 4 Horsemen and their Antidotes

Day 1

Overview of John Gottman’s 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. How he predicts divorce with 90% accuracy, and what you can do maintain healthy communication habits. 

Day 2

Criticism is the 1st Horseman. Learn the step-by-step formula to avoiding a fight by starting a potentially difficult conversation in a thoughtful respectful manner.

Day 3

Defensiveness is the 2nd horsemen and appears benign, but is damaging to relationship health. Learn how to respond to criticism without becoming defensive.

Day 4

Stonewalling is the 4th horsemen and is also known as “shutting down.” This lesson will walk you through what to do when one or both of you become overwhelmed and your conversation escalates.

Day 5

Contempt is the 3rd of John Gottman’s horsemen, but the single biggest predictor of divorce. This lesson walks you through what to do to keep disrespect out of your relationship

Day 6 and Onward

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This Course is Ideal For You If:

You Are In Love

You’re in a relationship and want it to be the best it can be

You Value Science

You are tired of anecdotal relationship advice based on tips and tricks. You’re looking for data-backed strategies that have been tested.

You Want Your Relationship to Be Better than it Already Is

You are willing to make changes and learn new things to make things better.