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Hi, I’m Laura.

Love is an action verb, not a passive noun. I guide busy couples to revive their relationships with science-backed, action-oriented advice one conversation at a time.

As a speaker, author, trainer, and Certified Gottman Couples Therapist, I have spent 30 years learning what makes long-lasting love and what leads to slow, steady relationship decline. I am a lifelong learner who has had the privilege to learn from renowned relational psychologists, fearless clients, readers, and my family, who know first-hand that I don’t always “practice what I preach” (but am always committed to doing better).

I am fiercely passionate about equity and inclusion, and this next phase in my career is about sharing what I know with as many people as possible, especially those who might not need or have access to, traditional couples therapy. I strive to make no assumptions about who you love or how you love.

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Thanks for writing! This is a great point, great tips, and great structure. I love the life/blogging comparative element! There is a lot of info out there about how to write for medium…I haven’t been putting much of it into practice…mostly just enjoying writing! But, this is great understandable advice that I will try to use! Thanks!.

– K. Barrett

I’ve never looked at things from this perspective, good insight. I think we focus too much on a fairy tale when it comes to relationships and become upset when it doesn’t come true, embracing and realizing downs are apart of the process, save the trouble.

– Jamal